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Artificial Intelligence Illustrated

This is a nice Graphic to help you understand the differences between different applications, contexts and techniques for data science, statistics and machine learning – all the foundations of Artifical Intelligence.

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Where to start a tech startup

Very interesting info graphic on tech startups. While most would associate this topic with Silicon Valley, there are many other places putting money into this area.

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Europe’s Online Advertising Industry Releases Self-Regulation Framework

Brussels, 14 April 2011: IAB Europe today released its cross-European self-regulatory Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). The Framework, outlining good practice aimed at enhancing transparency and consumer control, has been signed by the online industry’s leading businesses

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Facebook has little effect on what you buy online

While Google is “super nervous” about the growth of Facebook, here’s one data point to put the search company at ease for right now.

According to a Goldman Sachs survey, social sites have very little influence over online shopping decisions. Search engines, and recommendation engines have a much greater influence.

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The ROI Of Social Media Marketing: More Than Dollars And Cents

SOURCE: Forrester Research Blog “Augie Ray’s Blog” Posted by Augie Ray on July 19, 2010 Brands are making plenty of money in social media:  Dell Outlet’s Twitter account has generatedmillions for Dell, the Intel Channel Voice community has decreased costs by eliminating the need for expensive in-person events and P&G used media mix modeling to demonstrate […]

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Social Network Ad Spending to Approach $1.7 Billion This Year

Social network advertising is getting renewed attention in 2010. The US’s gradual economic recovery, combined with marketers’ incessant focus on reaching consumers in social media, has led companies to make big increases in social network ad spending in the first half of 2010.

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5 stages of an Integrated Digital Marketing Life Cycle

I like this article from Socialmediatoday not only reviewing the stages of integrated marketing but touching on the disconnect between organisational expectations and time frames for returns vs. what the customer’s expectations are. According to this piece, the process is said to take 2 years!

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IBM Buys Unica – Marketing Analytics play

IBM is making some exciting moves into the marketing and analytics space. They have already purchased Cognos (TM1) and the SPSS statistical software company. Now they have also acquired UNICA, a company offering software my colleagues have termed as a more usable mechanism for conducting sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling. Unica was a clear choice […]

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VIDEO: Assessing value of your lead database

“I often talk about lead nurturing as a way to get more revenue out of your lead database. The next thing that people ask is “How much revenue do you think is hidden in my database?”. It’s hard to give an exact answer, but this video gives 7 questions which will give you a better idea of the value of your leads.”

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The Truth About Facebook Revenues, User Numbers, And Its IPO

We’ve heard from a source who would know that 2010 revenues will come in between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. Facebook could very well have far more than 500 million users. And, Facebook will not go public for a very long time – and it might not ever.

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