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Podcast: Groupon Has To Pivot Out Of The Daily Email Deals Business If It Wants To Survive

Source: Business Insider Linette Lopez | Aug. 10, 2011, 4:07 PM | # of merchants and subscribers are up but groupons sold is going down…I get daily deal inbox fatigue…the groupon deals are not compelling…people are getting over the novelty…many of the merchants are “fly by night”…merchants pickier about deals they cut and…

VIDEO: Assessing value of your lead database

Nice summary piece by LeadSloth for assessing the vale of your leads. SourceComplexity of sales processRecencyActivity level – leads who respond to what you sendFatigue – list fatigue or too much email/promotionsOpportunitiesFit with ideal customer profile

Email Newsletters: a Best Practice That Needs to Die

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | Email Marketing, lead nurturing | Jep Castelein DemandBase has just announced a webinar series called B2B Marketing Best Practices that Need to Die (I will present one of the sessions). Today, I’m working on my presentation for Monday’s lead nurturing webinar 7 steps to finding untapped revenue in your marketing database, where…

Email Newsletters: a best practice that needs to die

I like this blog post from lead sloth. It reminds me of the days I worked at Fairfax Media and News Corporation, sending out millions of email newsletters every month. I can say from experience that this article hits the mark. I saw open rates and click rates erode and…

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