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How B2B brands talk past their customers

Author – McKinsey & Co.Curator – David EdelmanMedium: Slideshare I like this is a very short but extremely practical guide to understanding the value of marketing to B2B businesses who may tend to neglect this. In fact, the article draws a connection between B2B and B2C marketing – showing how…

Where to start a tech startup

Very interesting info-graphic on tech #startups. While most would associate this topic with Silicon Valley, there are many other places to look at.. Interested in hearing from those who can comment about doing a start up in New York or Boston vs Silicon Valley or elsewhere. Image compliments of Biz Brain

Hidden Persuaders II

Source: The Economist (Schumpeter) September 24, 2011 A marketing guru reveals some of the secrets of his profession VANCE PACKARD was the Malcolm Gladwell of his day, a journalist with a gift for explaining business to the general public. But in his 1957 classic “The Hidden Persuaders”, he out-Gladwelled Gladwell.…

Podcast: How Zappos made millions on Culture and Customer Service

We live in a time where the good guys can win — Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos (CLICK IMAGE ABOVE FOR HIS PODCAST) I enjoyed this podcast discussing the extraordinarily successful online retailer Zappos. Why care about Zappos? Amazon bought them for a very cool $880 million in late 2009. Zappos was…

IBM Buys Unica – Marketing Analytics play

IBM is making some exciting moves into the marketing and analytics space. They have already purchased Cognos (TM1) and the SPSS statistical software company. Now they have also acquired UNICA, a company offering software my colleagues have termed as a more usable mechanism for conducting sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling. Unica…

How to make more money with lead nurturing

Good article here on the lead nurturing process defining what it is, how it works and even relevance to the social media marketing process.

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