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Hidden Persuaders II

Source: The Economist (Schumpeter) September 24, 2011 A marketing guru reveals some of the secrets of his profession VANCE PACKARD was the Malcolm Gladwell of his day, a journalist with a gift for explaining business to the general public. But in his 1957 classic “The Hidden Persuaders”, he out-Gladwelled Gladwell.…

L’Oreal digital spending jumps as CMO figures out where to invest

Source: Direct Marketing News Author: Tim Peterson L’Oreal USA will spend as much on digital advertising in 2011 as it has the past two years combined, said Marc Speichert, CMO of the company, on June 9. Digital advertising is a “must-have” for the brand, because one of out three consumers are researching…

Facebook has little effect on what you buy online

While Google is “super nervous” about the growth of Facebook, here’s one data point to put the search company at ease for right now. According to a Goldman Sachs survey, social sites have very little influence over online shopping decisions. Search engines, and recommendation engines have a much greater influence.

Will local advertising bypass search?

Source: Author: James DuthieTOPICS:  Mobile, SearchTAGS:  Facebook, Google, Local Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Search AdvertisingPUBLICATION:  Search Engine PeopleDATE:  September 02, 2010 Not surprisingly, Facebook Places was the catalyst for my change of heart. While Foursquare whet our appetite to the world of possibilities of mobile-driven local advertising, it lacked the scale to be a viable…

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