Understanding Big Data: The Ecosystem

Source: Dataconomy, by Eileen McNulty, Date: 3rd of June 2014 I like this article where you kind find many new technologies but from some familiar names like IBM with Machine Learning technology called Watson. What makes this article stand out is how it breaks down the ecosystem into key categories making it easier…

Infographic: How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is one of the shadier but legitimately useful marketing techniques for acquisition. The diagram below provides a nice visual representation of how the process works and how compensation is attributed for lead generation. Click the image to enlarge it and click here to read a great article on how to prevent…

Facebook has little effect on what you buy online

While Google is “super nervous” about the growth of Facebook, here’s one data point to put the search company at ease for right now. According to a Goldman Sachs survey, social sites have very little influence over online shopping decisions. Search engines, and recommendation engines have a much greater influence.

Infographic: Every online marketing tactic in one place

Another great visual guide to print and hang on your wall. Very comprehensive and provides context with a timeline on what to launch when. You will need to click the image a couple of times to zoom in. It gets large so you can read the detail.

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