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Forget Social Media ROI

Are you tracking social media ROI? If so, you’re part of a small minority. Currently, there’s a lot of talk about social media ROI and monitoring, which by itself is an indicator that social media marketing is maturing. That doesn’t necessarily translate to action, however, since there’s a lot of confusion…

How to get investors to buy into Social Media

This is a recurring theme throughout the last couple of years. Social Media continues to be a dalliance rather than fully understood commitment by the business community. This article identifies a key performance indicator that would trigger more investment both inside companies and from the venture capital community – having BOTH users…

How to make more money with lead nurturing

Good article here on the lead nurturing process defining what it is, how it works and even relevance to the social media marketing process.

Free tools for social media optimization

I like these ‘cookbook’ style articles with tools and tricks. There is a decent discussion included with this article as well. Note that I have not vetted this list of products, but howsociable.com has received most of the positive mention in this piece. Tools mentioned include: howsociable.com – Social visibility scoreknowem.com – Profile building toolSocial…

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