Social Networking overtaking Email?

Interesting chart from Business Insider. It indicates both the number of users and minutes spent on Social Networking has overtaken email.

The growth of users is not as dramatic, but the actual time and usage gap has dramatically increased since 2007.

I am a die hard direct marketer but also consult with businesses on how to make money out of social media. Email remains the lowest cost and most efficient marketing tool I have used that is truly measurable. That does not mean the chart is not accurate in what it depicts. I would simply say that email was already mature in the years before 2007 and I would also point out that Email continues a steady uptrend.

Those who posted comments in the article brought up good points about double counting, especially as users may have 3 or more email accounts (like me). Also, what about gmail when you see users online while you are browing email?

No matter the measurement flaws, My CMO says both email and social media are not only here to say, but will continue to be highly correlated as email serves as an excellent fulfillment mechanism in the exchange of value within Social Media sites and environments.


Rick S.

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