Averting disaster with social media

This is a good article that highlights the risks of participating in Social Media. It takes very little to turn your own audience against you when not using the proper tone and when not considering the impacts of how you administer your own places and spaces.

See my previous article on Nestle to show similar challenges they face.

I would highlight the last paragraph of this current article I am blogging about – a more emotionally intelligent view that you can do Social Media correctly and mitigate the risks. As I always say though, it is not about ads, promotions and tactics. Social Media is about time investment and commitment. Without those things, all businesses will fail to profit from this activity.

Article Quote:

“The point is not to scare any b-to-b companies on the bubble out of integrating social media into their marketing. When executed well, the benefits largely outweigh any negatives. The point is to emphasize how important it is to give it the thought it deserves and resisting the urge to rush into it. That means planning – why are you doing it, what do you hope to accomplish, how would it align with existing marketing objectives, can the organization have the discipline to be transparent and immediately responsive?  These are just a few questions your team should consider before taking the plunge (no pun intended).”


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