Want an alternative to Powerpoint? Read this.

Powerpoint slides are both the bane of my existence and the most important communication tool in business. Powerpoint disciplines the user to condense ideas with visuals and few words for easy easy consumpition by viewers. Slides can include video, images and graphics.

My best slide packs start with a story line and I only write the heading on each slide as a plan without content in the beginning. This makes the information fit a pattern the reader can follow so you don’t lose them several slides into the pack. On the downside, there is a limit to how much information a user can digest through slides. This is where Powerpoint falls down.

With an application like Prezi, you don’t take a user through several pages of information. Instead, you create objects, words, graphs, video, images etc and arrange them visually, connecting or grouping these objects in terms of how they interrelate. See more information here.

Prezi Home Page

Demo on using product

While this format will not eliminate the need for slides, there are presentation types that you can do in Prezi that would not work in Powerpoint. That makes it worth trying.

Rick S.

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