iPhone 4 Looks Great But Won’t Stop Android

Based on Steve Jobs and his track record who would bet against him? In this article, SAI Business Insider has an angle against iPhone 4 with Google’s Android getting a plug. The key points in the article point to Google’s cloud applications taking the Android to another level.

One example given in this article was that Google documents and calendars can automatically sync with Android phones whereas iPhone has not quite got this right with MobileMe. The cloud could be a differentiator if Google develops more services. Still, iTunes and MobileMe are not far away from being evolved into something that can do this well. I am hopeful that the iWork.com application does Google Docs one better.

Ultimately, this could be a defining moment where Apple gets all of this and raises there game. Alternatively, Apple fails to see the importance of cloud computing and suffers a set back similar to when Steve Jobs left Apple in the 1980s where the company lost the plot (and its place) in the PC market.

My money is still on Apple 😉

Rick Speciale
MyCMO – Director

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