Podcast: Groupon Has To Pivot Out Of The Daily Email Deals Business If It Wants To Survive

Source: Business Insider

Linette Lopez | Aug. 10, 2011, 4:07 PM |

# of merchants and subscribers are up but groupons sold is going down…I get daily deal inbox fatigue…the groupon deals are not compelling…people are getting over the novelty…many of the merchants are “fly by night”…merchants pickier about deals they cut and margins…There are so many crappy places to eat already, don’t need another deal for one of those…

Or is it?

Image: Groupon via Flickr


Dan Frommer is back! And he joins Nicholas Carlson in a discussion about Groupon’s numbers (shaky) and his new special report on Business InsiderThe Future of News (great, we think).

Four Square gets thrown around in there too. Its a good one, folks.

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