23 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

This is from Mashable.com with some interesting resources for those who are already savvy with social media. Enjoy!

10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks
Here are 10 how-to tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook status update, from features to apps, Easter eggs, jokes and more.
13 Internet Slangs with Unexpected Alternate Meanings
We’ve collected 13 internet slangs and acronyms with unexpected alternative meanings, ranging from downright unpredictable to hilariously ironic. ROFL!
5 Handy YouTube Channels for DIY and Home Improvement
You know you are Mr/Ms Fix It waiting to happen. These five YouTube channels will guide you on your home improvement quest.
5 Ways Social Media Helps Promote Good Health
Getting healthy and staying healthy can be tricky on your own. Social media is providing new ways to build healthy communities and find cures.
How You Can Do Good with Small Actions: Try Bolder
It’s easier than ever to do good using social media. Bolder helps motivate businesses and brands to donate and create change.
Musicians Can Help Each Other Get Famous with New Site
Headliner is a real-time social media recommendation exchange for artists and bands.
How Rdio Makes Your Music Mix Social
Rdio is a new way to share and discover great music. We break down the features and offer you some free invites to try it out.
6 Crucial Social Media Tips for Traditional Media
Now more than ever, traditional media outlets are embracing social media for generating story ledes, increasing site traffic and creating conversation with readers.
HOW TO: Optimize Your Mobile Site Across Multiple Platforms
One of the most difficult aspects of designing for the mobile web is making your site compatible and accessible across different devices. Read on for tips to minimize that problem.
10 Tools for Distributed Developer Teams
Now that we don’t all have to be in the same room to fiddle around with punch cards, the era of online connectivity is allowing for unprecedented freedom in how, where and when we work. Here are 10 tools for distributed developer teams.
10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers
Wireframing is a crucial step in web design as it allows for rapid prototyping and helps to pinpoint potential problems early in the process. Here are 10 free wireframing tools.
How Hollywood Is Finally Cashing in on Web Video
Hollywood has woken up and realized there is money to be made in web video. Many celebs are teaming up with advertisers to bring viewers sponsored and branded content.
How Non-Profits Can Maximize a Foursquare Account

Foursquare’s location-based network offers a unique brand of customer loyalty that can help non-profits connect with and expand their audience.

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