iPad fastest selling mobile device ever?

As a die hard apple advocate, there is no Mac product I would not want to own. I already have an iMac, Macbook Pro and an iPhone so the iPad caught my fancy when I spotted someone carrying the device into a recent meeting. I had a play with it and here are my immediate observations…

The Good:
It is very cool
It takes iPod features and makes them better
LOVELY for browsing web
Intuitive and simple
Only 9.7″ screen yet big enough to enjoy
Simple enough my dad can use it
Nice clear screen for crisp graphics and viewing
The Bad:
No multi-tasking
No camera!
No phone
More limited functionality than laptop
No USB ports!
On screen keyboard not for lengthy typing
The screen smudges easily
I like the device enough to where I would comfortably buy it for my father who is one of the most technically unsavvy people on this planet. It takes mobile computing to the next level for me. The superior web browsing and rich navigation features vs. the iPhone are a big part of the wow factor.
This is a first generation device that will get better with future iterations (Camera, USB ports, and phone). I cannot see buying the device without 3G and a good protective case is essential. I do see the device being a nice inroad for media to reemerge and acquire more digital revenue from the digital space. Specifically, I see subscription fees as a strong possibility.
To this point, Conde Nast title GQ Magazine has reportedly sold 72,000 issues in iPad format and this article reports that Wired Magazine hit 73,000 sold issues in the first 9 days of release.
Even if  Apple are taking 30% of the sale price ($4.99), Wired should have still grossed $250,000 from 9 days and that’s not even counting advertising.  Even If the sales of that issue don’t exceed the print version, I wonder how their net profits compare??…
Note this final point – I would argue iPad subscriptions will be a more profitable way to sell content without needing to sacrifice good journalism…and it IS all about profit.
iPads are going to sell like hotcakes, but the real story is iPad subscription sales of products like magazines. Duly noted — there is reported overlap between iPad and iPhone subscription figures, but I would comfortably suggest that the iPad will play a much bigger role in driving these subscriptions in the future simply because browsing on the iPad is so much better than on an iPhone.
This is where there money is for print media. Though web sites and banner ads may not have won the regard of print editors, the iPad and good old fashion subscription models will be more of what the doctor ordered to get old media into the new without the kicking and screaming.
Rick Speciale
MyCMO – Director

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