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Post merger, a travel business struggled with staff moral and fatigue facing increasing targets and struggling to maintain high levels of performance and service for parent business overseas.


Solve service and productivity issues with a combination of fixing:

  • Broken Processes
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of tools needed for the level of work sophistication
  • Lack of automation and integration between systems
  • User unfriendly interfaces with applications slowing work


  • Uncovered and restructured process disconnects
  • Assigned accountability where missing
  • Set higher performance and service standards than previous
  • Retrained staff
  • Obtained executive approval for budgets to enhance IT capability that impacts work


  • Automated error prone and manual functions to reduce admin and errors
  • Maximised customer interaction and service
  • Delivered custom integrations, dashboards and interfaces to make digital marketing tasks faster and easier
  • Increased time and capacity for more service interactions with customers and more campaigns
  • Introduced artificial intelligence to further enhance marketing and increase revenue y 200% vs BAU


Business Process Modelling

Business Process Analysis and Change

Cross Functional Teams, Collaboration, UX Design

Marketing Department Structure

New Tools/Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence Automation

Process Automation

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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