Do you have the right skills and experience in-house?

Businesses are evolving to be customer centric, data driven and heavily invested in technology. For digital marketing, this creates hiring demands and challenges highlighted in the Harvard Business Review here

In this article by a specialist recruitment publisher, similar challenges were identified more broadly across the globe in different industries.

Some of the trends that will continue include lingering Covid burnout, continued employee demands for hybrid work, and retirees re-entering the workforce.

In Australia, for 2023 and beyond, there is a massive immigration wave that still may not cover all the skill gaps in the country. Further to this trend, Australia will be challenged to cover the exodus of workers simultaneously flowing out of the country.

If you are facing the challenges above, you need a specialist recruiter to cover skill gaps in your business. Contact us to review your needs. We are here to help.


Our talent process

MyCMO has merged with a specialist recruitment agency to provide a full suite of services including permanent staff recruitment, contracting and Employer of Record services.

This blends digital marketing specialisation with a broader scope of industry and skill specialisation beyond marketing to cover the many gaps emerging in organisational design and hiring.

MyCMO is not your typical cookie cutter recruitment agency. We know all aspects of the marketing function as we have done it, live it and breathe it. This covers brand, technology, loyalty programs, personalisation, data science and more.

A good analogy is when you need serious medical treatment, the best practitioners to go to are those who not only practice, but also teach in schools or ‘teaching hospitals’.

We practice marketing in this context where we not only do the work, but we can also consult, mentor and advise. For flexibility, we offer these services in a contractor capacity.

However, with our strategy, digital transformation and change management services, we can also work with businesses to  build an internal marketing department capable of thriving in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

MyCMO also specialises in import/export marketing setting up businesses in Australia from abroad including fast tracking visas for overseas workers, local marketing and business setup.

We are not biased to either insourcing or outsourcing. We can deliver on any brief that includes building an internal team sourcing permanent staff or a blending this with unique skillsets with external contracting if needed.

How using external talent pays off

These are just some of the benefits of using a specialist Marketing Agency to source Marketing Talent:

  • Access specialist skillsets that are hard to find
  • Find a stop gap that enables you to be productive whilst looking for longer term in-house solutions
  • Upskill team with training and mentorship to improve performance and increase staff retention
  • De-risk setting up and marketing a new business overseas (Australia, Japan, US)

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