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Several business units were digital agnostic but were required to deliver on revenue targets without the skills and experience existing on the digital side of the business. There existed a cultural divide and reluctance by the print business to adapt to changing job requirements.


Bridge the culture and technology divide and integrate both print and digital teams by unifying of a disparate collection of offline and online businesses and their marketing teams into a single cohesive operation using a combination of:

  • New processes
  • New dedicated support staff
  • Accelerated training
  • Performance dashboards and reporting
  • Custom built enterprise software solution

This centralised technology and staff service offers distributed marketing tools and capabilities along with “state of the art” training and support.



  • Produced 3-5 year vision, strategy and roadmap
  • Presented business case to CEO and board (approved)
  • Developed project team, roadmap and establish roles and responsibilities
  • Mentored and supported new hires into eventual heads of new departments
  • Lifted Print businesses to the same level of digital revenue performance as native digital businesses
  • Opened dialogue between Print and Digital Marketing Directors and facilitated collaboration
  • Served as the single point of contact for regulatory and compliance issues with customer data and privacy


  • Managed service/tech teams to iteratively build enterprise application
  • Delivered custom dashboards and interfaces to make digital marketing tasks faster and easier
  • Fully trained print business for digital upskilling and platform usage in only 6 months
  • Established own department as a center of excellence for service and support for 80 business units
  • Enabled marketing campaign capacity to increase 5X with new tools and capabilities
  • Supported 2X increases in average revenue with new processes and capacity for marketing activity
CRM Ecosystem

Vision, Assessment – Gaps

Marketing DNA

Platform = “Glue” to integrate separate functions

CRM Strategy

Staged DELIVERY timelines and payoff

Cross Functional Teams, Collaboration, UX Design

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