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Facebook has little effect on what you buy online

While Google is “super nervous” about the growth of Facebook, here’s one data point to put the search company at ease for right now.

According to a Goldman Sachs survey, social sites have very little influence over online shopping decisions. Search engines, and recommendation engines have a much greater influence.

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IBM Buys Unica – Marketing Analytics play

IBM is making some exciting moves into the marketing and analytics space. They have already purchased Cognos (TM1) and the SPSS statistical software company. Now they have also acquired UNICA, a company offering software my colleagues have termed as a more usable mechanism for conducting sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling. Unica was a clear choice […]

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VIDEO: Assessing value of your lead database

“I often talk about lead nurturing as a way to get more revenue out of your lead database. The next thing that people ask is “How much revenue do you think is hidden in my database?”. It’s hard to give an exact answer, but this video gives 7 questions which will give you a better idea of the value of your leads.”

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Performance Advertising Offer

My CMO Partner offer (Performance Advertising) — you get 2,500 unique visitors (unique clicks) to your consumer campaign landing page for only $1,000. We are so confident of the value of the visitors we bring to your campaign that we offer pixel tracking (yours or ours) to gauge acquisition rates and measure the effectiveness of your buy.

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SEM Strategy for building trust

SEM tactics for trust and results

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