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Tech Strategy Template for startups

Building Block Planning Published by Mick Liubinskas on April 27, 2017 Venture Portfolio Manager & Product Focus This is an outline of a simple tool for planning innovative technology businesses which helps consider sequences and consequences. This method uses the metaphor of building blocks to plan the major steps from now to your big goal. […]

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How B2B brands talk past their customers

Strong brands shown to have up to 20% higher EBIT than weak brands but many businesses plagued by “selective listening” neglect marketing and 2 way relationships with customers to their commercial detriment. Here’s what B2B businesses should do.

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The Economist is eating America’s lunch

With digital-only sales of the magazine reaching 100,000, The Economist could teach a class for magazine publishers on how to maintain a dynamic, two-pronged traditional and Web business, A graduate-level course could be entitled Brand Extension 101.

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IBM Buys Unica – Marketing Analytics play

IBM is making some exciting moves into the marketing and analytics space. They have already purchased Cognos (TM1) and the SPSS statistical software company. Now they have also acquired UNICA, a company offering software my colleagues have termed as a more usable mechanism for conducting sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling. Unica was a clear choice […]

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How to make more money with lead nurturing

Good article here on the lead nurturing process defining what it is, how it works and even relevance to the social media marketing process.

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BP: Still not as evil as Goldman Sachs

I love these crazy charts where global blue chip companies see their brand images fall off of a cliff. In this artice from Brand Insider, It shows BP vs. Toyota and Goldman Sachs. These brands are all guilty of negligence with devastating consequences to customers or the environment.

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Averting disaster with social media

This is a good article that highlights the risks of participating in Social Media. It takes very little to turn your own audience against you when not using the proper tone and when not considering the impacts of how you administer your own places and spaces.

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The Godfather on Social Media (It's just business)

As a fan of the Godfather, I love this article that translates his fundamental business practices into strategies for social media. Some great quotes and good advice.

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50% of Social Site users log in first thing

Good article from Silicon Valley Insider “Almost Half of You Are Checking Facebook As Soon As You Wake Up”. 15% of these people in the sample did so to check the news.

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Free tools for social media optimization

I like these ‘cookbook’ style articles with tools and tricks. There is a decent discussion included with this article as well.

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