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Tech Strategy Template for startups

Building Block Planning Published by Mick Liubinskas on April 27, 2017 Venture Portfolio Manager & Product Focus This is an outline of a simple tool for planning innovative technology businesses which helps consider sequences and consequences. This method uses the metaphor of building blocks to plan the major steps from now to your big goal. […]

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How to solve the speed vs quality challenge with Agile

This is a great article that touches on the real challenges of delivering marketing and technology programs for now. It is not good enough to be “Agile” to speed things up. The question is how the business or the organisation applies Agile concepts as there are both good and bad ways to do so. There […]

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SAAS Business Cheat Sheet

Source: Compliments to Growth Hackers (Chart Mogul document) for putting this document together. The is very useful for a startup software service business looking to measure and assess how effectively the┬ábusiness brings in revenue and mitigates churn.      

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Social Network helps ordinary traders to conquer foreign markets

Innovative social platform claims 85% profitable trades through “democratiz(ing) the investment marketplace by giving ordinary people the tools to conquer international markets”.

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How B2B brands talk past their customers

Strong brands shown to have up to 20% higher EBIT than weak brands but many businesses plagued by “selective listening” neglect marketing and 2 way relationships with customers to their commercial detriment. Here’s what B2B businesses should do.

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Where to start a tech startup

Very interesting info graphic on tech startups. While most would associate this topic with Silicon Valley, there are many other places putting money into this area.

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What is Agile Marketing and links

Read this post referencing a great comment in LinkedIN groups related to Agile Marketing. Lots of reference material to save in your favorites.

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Apple Management Lessons Every Company Should Steal

It’s producing the best products on earth, and delivering record-breaking earnings results. So what can other companies learn from Apple?

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Steve Job Presentation Genius (Download)

In case you missed it, you can download the Steve Jobs guide to presenting for impact. A very short and useful read for anyone.

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