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23 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

This is from with some interesting resources for those who are already savvy with social media. Enjoy!

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How to make more money with lead nurturing

Good article here on the lead nurturing process defining what it is, how it works and even relevance to the social media marketing process.

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Averting disaster with social media

This is a good article that highlights the risks of participating in Social Media. It takes very little to turn your own audience against you when not using the proper tone and when not considering the impacts of how you administer your own places and spaces.

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The Godfather on Social Media (It's just business)

As a fan of the Godfather, I love this article that translates his fundamental business practices into strategies for social media. Some great quotes and good advice.

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Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

This is an article from mashable called ’11 essential social media resources you may have missed.’ A lot of good information in this post including tips for B2B marketers, small businesses and using social media to ignite your brand! See article here Rick S. MyCMO – Director

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Social Media Selling Principals

I like this presentation that connects the concept of social media with sales. I touch on some of this in a prvious post, but like the way it is presented here so I thought it was worth another plug. Enjoy! The Principle of Social Selling View more documents from Axel Schultze. Rick Speciale

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Favorite tools of Twitter Super Users

Good article for those looking for more tools for your Twitter toolkit.

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Marketing Automation vendors w/selection criteria

As a long standing direct marketer, my experience has shown the value of using data and analytics to deliver the best returns from campaigns. This works wonders for direct mail and email as I can attest to the billions of dollars that banks, online classifieds and auction houses have brought in using these techniques. The […]

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Want an alternative to Powerpoint? Read this.

New software product called Prezi eliminates slides and makes presentations more free flowing, visual and innovative. Read more to see a demonstration of the product.

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