MyCMO was created in 2009 where the Industry was questioning the value of agencies due to:

  • Focus on brand impression and billings instead of ROI
  • Lack of business knowledge

Agency models struggle with the ROI concept as delivering bottom line results will often be at odds with standard billing practices. These practices often result in mis-guided strategy and online channels not being used correctly.

MyCMO advises businesses or agencies on how to use online marketing to generate ROI and deliver products and services as part of the solution. We take an unbiased approach to either insourcing or outsourcing. ROI is the only consideration regardless of the approach.

With MyCMO, you deal with director level practitioners with experience and not layers of junior level account management staff. The profile of MyCMO team members includes:

  • Online specialists in Marketing Strategy, Product Development and Analytics
  • Commercially savvy experts who have played roles in their own businesses while managing to deliver in corporate environments
  • Professionals from both the client and service side with the experience to understand business needs

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