Social Network helps ordinary traders to conquer foreign markets

I liked this article that discusses eToro, which is a 6 year old social media platform startup where users connect to collaborate on trading in international markets.

The article is written by e-Toro who claims an 85% of trades are profitable. That’s an impressive number considering international trading would seemingly be a risky proposition for the average individual investor.

However, this platform delivers social linkage between a multitude of traders where the key interest is that you can see what positions they are taking up or what they are going to purchase.

According to the article, the return on investment is quite high for participants and there is almost a crowd sourcing element that the user taps into as part of the engagement. Definitely worth taking note of this in the Financial Services Industry. Info-graphic here for a visual explanation of how this works.




social trading surpasses 50M trades
eToro – Social Investing

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