Facebook has little effect on what you buy online

Source: Business Insider April 1, 2011 (Author: Jay Yarow)

While Google is “super nervous” about the growth of Facebook, here’s one data point to put the search company at ease for right now.

According to a Goldman Sachs survey, social sites have very little influence over online shopping decisions. Search engines, and recommendation engines have a much greater influence.

As long as Google has influence over shopping habits, it will continue to pull in big ad dollars. Advertisers tend to want to advertise where there’s a chance a purchasing decision can be influenced.

However, in the not too distant future Facebook could become an e-commerce juggernaut with more influence over online shopping. If and when that happens, Google should be really worried.

MyCMO finds the data interesting with Recommendation engines getting 27% share of this. Reccommendation engines include a couple of obvious ones you know but the article link also uncovered more for you to look at:

  • iTunes
  • Mystrands
  • Matchmine
  • Zync
  • seeqpod
  • TuneExplorer
  • The Filter
  • Criticker
  • FeedEachOther
  • StumbleUpon

MyCMO also wonders about the significantly large 33% who are not influenced by search, recommendation engines or Social Networks. Perhaps this touches on brand loyalty from purchases or retail store salesmen leading the way to your next purchase? What do you think?





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