MyCMO reveals the true measure of your marketing activities and applies a portfolio management approach to your strategy for the greatest yield.

Box and dice

Box and dice

The MyCMO package: analysis, strategy, implementation, and measurable results.

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Pick and Mix

Pick and mix

When you need to share the load or bring in extra skills, MyCMO has the expertise for any stage of the process.

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Just the tools

Just the tools

Choose from our range of tools and products that best support your direct marketing goals.

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Blockchain Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Join an exciting start-up in San Francisco developing a cryptocurrency network based on an open-source third generation blockchain. We are creating a network focused on setting a new standard in security and protection for buyers while solving a widespread problem in game development funding. We’re looking for a Chief Technology Officer who […]

Artificial Intelligence Illustrated

This is a nice Graphic to help you understand the differences between different applications, contexts and techniques for data science, statistics and machine learning – all the foundations of Artifical Intelligence.

In the news

Tech Strategy Template for startups

Building Block Planning Published by Mick Liubinskas on April 27, 2017 Venture Portfolio Manager & Product Focus This is an outline of a simple tool for planning innovative technology businesses which helps consider sequences and consequences. This method uses the metaphor of building blocks to plan the major steps from now to your big goal. […]

How to solve the speed vs quality challenge with Agile

This is a great article that touches on the real challenges of delivering marketing and technology programs for now. It is not good enough to be “Agile” to speed things up. The question is how the business or the organisation applies Agile concepts as there are both good and bad ways to do so. There […]

SAAS Business Cheat Sheet

Source: Compliments to Growth Hackers (Chart Mogul document) for putting this document together. The is very useful for a startup software service business looking to measure and assess how effectively the business brings in revenue and mitigates churn.      

Understanding Big Data: The Ecosystem

The Big Data landscape can be daunting. This first article aims to serve as a basic map, a brief overview of the main options available for those taking the first steps into the vastly profitable realm of Big Data and Analytics.